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Page history last edited by Rubén Medellín 13 years, 3 months ago

The DevHouse belongs to everybody, and so the Hackspedition. This is the page to make the planning to make this experience unforgettable



Add youself to the list and the task you are willing to fill. Remember that planning of the hackspedition (and of any event as well) requires commitment




  • Friday 28
    • Picking people up from airport. 4 cars unless we get the bus for that time (César, Mel, Aníbal, Arturo)
    • Welcome people!
    • Leave luggage at hosts' houses. Guests should carry handbags or light baggage for this, they can safely leave the rest of it in people's houses.
    • Tour by Mexico City - very probably in groups, so they can have many options. Possible destinations.
    • Regroup and have dinner. Options:
      • Villamaría
      • Caballo Ballo
      • some pub in La Condesa
      • ... options?
    • Return to hosts homes, and have some sleep
  • Saturday 29
    • Have breakfast, probably in each people's home. Cookfest, anyone?
    • SHDH!! Hacking fun :D
    • Dinner and beer after SHDH.
    • Sleep early, unless you are hyperactive or something =)
  • Sunday 30
  • Monday 31
    • Have breakfast
    • Visit Filobobos, El Encanto waterfall
    • Ratfing in Filobobos deltha
    • Have meal. Two options from here:
      • Go to Puerto, to spend the night there
      • Travel overnight to Mexico City
  • Tuesday 1
    • If spent the night in Veracruz, return very early in the morning.
    • Get to hosts houses, and pick up luggage
    • Convince people they have family and job in U.S. They won't want to get back.
    • Get them to the airport. Say goodbye =(




  • "Welcome hackers!" board
  • Ask Mike Lundy's flight (arrival time)

    Mike arrives on the same flight as everybody else.

  • Invite Reforma, Aldea Digital, Comisión Bicentenario (César)
  • Make plans for Friday's afternoon tour
  • Choose and make reservation for Friday's dinner
  • Quote price for night at Puerto (Maite)
  • Get video and photo cameras (Santiago)
  • Design and place order on Hackspedition tees (César)



Either comment page below, or edit here if you think something is skipping us.

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Joël Franusic said

at 2:47 pm on Aug 11, 2009

My wife and I are very very excited about this schedule!

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